Monday, January 03, 2011

Yet another successful birthday

We celebrate birthdays a bit differently in my house. Normally the boy in question gets his pick of restaurant and then a visit to the toy store. There is no opening of gifts or cake, unless that's what he asked for. This year the boys agreed to share their birthdays.

Today is Ollie's birthday. Can't believe it's been 5 years already. He decided he wanted Nate to join us for lunch and that he wanted to share his birthday money. He just couldn't see him getting toys and Nate getting nothing. Wow, don't I have awesome kids? Nate has promised to do the same when it comes time for his birthday.

We ended up going to Friendly's (so not worth the money!) and then to Toys R Us. The spent about a half hour perusing the dollar toy section. They ended up getting 5 things from there and then we walked around the rest of the store. Ollie quickly settled on a MegaBloks castle set. It had 4 dragons, 6 knights, 2 castles, 2 catapults and a ton of other accessories. It took me a bit to get it all put together but they have been playing with it for hours now. The battle is raging all over the house. And they haven't even fought today. Hooray for birthdays!

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