Sunday, January 02, 2011

Gonna sing tonight

It's been nearly a month since I sang karaoke. For a while there I was singing 4-5 times a week. Tonight I am going to meet some friends at the bar and sing. Hooray for a night out. Well, that's the plan at least. I find that without a compelling reason to go, I get lazy and decide to just stay in. I guess we'll see at 9 if I feel motivated enough to put down the video game and drive out to the bar.

Eta: I did end up going out. Even got a wee bit dressed up. It's just not the same anymore. Not many of my friends go and the bar scene just isn't as fun when you're broke. I sang a few songs, hung out with some friends, helped a friend pick up some guy, and then came home to my honey. My songs were all very different last night. One country, one eighties pop, and one rap-metal. As the DJ always says, embrace the schizophrenia!

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