Monday, July 14, 2008

Blog? What blog?

I think I spend more time apologizing for not posting than actually posting. See the problem is that I am a lurker at heart. I read other blogs, read my flylady list, read on a few different boards and lists but I rarely post. I'm a little bit shy when it comes to the written word. Get me in person and I'll talk your head off. Ya can't get me to shut up. Just try walking away, I'll follow you.

And honestly it's not like my life is very exciting. I stay at home all day trying to convince my children that wearing clothes is normal. That will not hurt you but I might if you answer the door one more time naked. I chase the dog around trying to convince it to do it's business outside. Darn puppies. And I attempt to clean a little.

My latest success is that I finally convinced the boys to eat food in the kitchen. My kids constantly sneak food into the living room and even upstairs. Well, after we got back from vacation I started enforcing the heck out of the food rule. Voila! It's working. I can't say what did the trick because I have tried enforcing the rule before and all I got for my efforts were food strikes. But suddenly my oys leave their food in the kitchen and run back and frth for bites. It's a little progress at least.

Life is good, I'm still here and I wonder if anybody still checks this at all.