Monday, February 11, 2008

Enough already! I'm sick and tired of dead people

Gah! Stupid people keep dying. I hate it. I swear, I am so never speaking again to the next person who dies. Or something like that. Seriously. Quit it already wontcha people? And how the heck do I keep outliving poeple? i mean, i've been seriously freaking depressed since i was a toddler. I'm still here. (and no plans of going anywhere, EVER.) I'm gonna be Peter Pan, a vampire, a Jehovah's witness. Tee hee. I guess I stay here out of sheer stubborness. Dammit, but it's so hard to watch your friends and family give up. So hard to see someone with such beauty and potential quit this life.

Fuck suicide, fuck dead people. Fuck people who don't like the word, "fuck!"