Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Poetry as I wake

Nathan woke me with poetry this morning.

Blueberries are blue,
Strawberries are red,
I love you more than all those berries.

I love you
I love you more
I love you one hundred forty four

I love my sweet baby!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I did it. I sang in public.

Tonight was one of the best nights ever. I went to open mic night at Downey's on South St and absolutely rocked. Saturday night, at work, we were hanging out bullshitting with some customers after hours. Well this guy and I got to talking about singing. I mentioned that I sing. So he had me sing a song for him. I did and he said I *had* to come to this open mic on Monday. So that gave me all of 1 day to prepare. I was scared to death.

This afternoon I got so nervous that I decided not to go. I had some friends talk me into going and my brother went with me for support. I did a duet with my buddy Cash, which wasn't so hot in my opinion. Then I had my own set. I had no music. I don't play guitar and Cash doesn't know any of my songs. So I did it a cappella. I planned to do one or two songs and then stop since I didn't have backup. But after the second they wanted more. Can you beleive it? They really liked me. So I ended up singing four. The first three lent themselves well to a cappella but the last, not so much. Either way though my voice was great. My bro said it took real balls to get up there with no music. I left with the card for an agent and a date for some studio time to sing backup vocals for one of the other performers.